Industrial Distribution

  • livestock engineering

    The company has first-class designers and installation and construction team in the industry, and has modern sophisticated production and processing equipment including robot automatic welding production line, laser cutting machine, automatic shearing machine, automatic bending...
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  • Poultry engineering

    It provides a complete set of solutions for laying hens and broiler breeding equipment, and has strong technical support from the senior experts in many industries, such as the European and American Research Institute. The company has first-class design team and advanced...
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  • Food mechanical engineering

    Gorgeous food machinery company is one of the core pillar industries, is a scientific research, design and manufacturing installation as one of the wholly-owned subsidiary. The company has a professional engineering testing center, supporting various kinds of experiments and testing......
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  • Petfood project

    Pet food engineering was founded in 2009, Eurofam is a subsidiary specializing in pet food sales, engineering design, installation of specialized companies, with advanced design concepts, leading technology and rich experience in engineering, has been successfully serving dozens of...
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Service Support

HuaLi Value Every Customer, Efficient and Professional Service Be considerate to every customer and create a rapid response market service mechanism. HuaLi promises that after receiving the customer service report, professional service personnel will arrive in the province within 12 hours and arrive within 24 hours Outside the scene. Companies to carry out "experts face to face, service zero distance" activities, reflecting the sales did not forget the service, care on the side.

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HuaLi breeding equipment engineering co., LTD is a leading manufacturer and engineering service provider in the world.

Expert support

The team of experts of HuaLi is working and serving in many countries and regions in Asia.

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